Marrakesh Preamp Console is based on a vintage microphone preamplifier of the late 70’s with the addition of high-end 2-band EQ. This is a unique multifunctional amplifier with ultralow noise figure that can play a wide number of roles. The main tone character is very warm and organic with soft clean compression and the vibe of a vintage studio desk.

The heart of the “Marrakesh” amp are discrete operational amplifiers DOA-990. These DOA’s, developed by Dean Jensen, have a unique sound and adapted for audio electronics. They have a beautiful unique sound characteristics and adapted for studio audio electronics.

Our two band active EQ can boost or cut low and high frequencies (+-15db). It is a studio grade EQ section with transparent, widerange high and low control filters.


This small stompbox is able to satisfy almost all your amplifications needs that you can imagine in pedals.
It is fully analog authentic preamp, overdrive, fuzz, boost, perfect color box and tone shaper for your instruments. Everything is here!
It also fits perfectly anywhere on your pedalboard, be it the beginning of the chain, the middle or the end.


Marrakesh Preamp Drive has two operating modes: High Headroom and Low Headroom. They are switched by an additional Headroom toggle located on the right side.

High Headroom mode increases the supply voltage to 24v DC, which is achieved by the built-in voltage converter. The 24v is used for studio amplifiers, allowing for more “air”, thereby you have a greater dynamic range and greater volume.

In Low Headroom mode, the pedal power is classic 9v DC. This is a typical power supply for guitar pedals. This allows to get more harmonic distortion of your signal, more hard compression.

“1970s studio preamp tones in an eye-catching stompbox”

“A versatile pedal offering quality textures in a wide variety of contexts”

“All in all, it’s an engaging take on the floor-mounted Swiss Army Knife theme”

“The overall character is warm and organic with the vibe of a vintage studio desk”

“Marrakesh Preamp Drive can play a wide number of roles from EQ, booster, buffer and preamp to saturator, overdrive and even console-style fuzz”


How to buy?

You can order directly from us or from at price from  340 €


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