Boosting signal

“Lava” is an clean and transparent booster with upper your signal from a unity gain to a very loud sound.
You can adjust boost whatever you want!

Buffering your sound

This pedal has a very large input resistance and a small output. 
Lava avoids loss of part of the signal or drop-off problem due to long wires or a large number of pedals! 


All this features comes in an really small enclosure that takes up minimal pedalboard estate. And of corse this enclosure is painted by hand by artist.


When Boost Knob set at 50% or more, the Lava gives you the ability to overdriven your amp. It is true and natural drive from your preamp section!
The last 25% of the Boost Knob can give a heavy fuzz tone! 

How to buy?

You can order directly from us or from at price of  130 €


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